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A new coal burning power plant is "Not Convenient and Not Necessary"


KFTC members are leading a campaign to stop a proposed coal-burning power plant from being built by East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC). The plant would cost almost a billion dollars to build, further pollute Kentucky’s air and water, and leave us even more dependent on a dirty, dying and increasingly expensive fossil fuel.

As part of our efforts, KFTC, the Sierra Club and the Kentucky Environmental Foundation filed a formal petition this week asking the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC) to revoke EKPC’s approval for the proposed plant.

EKPC must receive a “Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity” from the Kentucky PSC to build its proposed plant. EKPC applied for and received the certificate for the proposed plant 2 ½ years ago. However, costs, electricity demand, technology and EKPC’s financial stability have since changed significantly, undercutting EKPC’s arguments that it still needs the plant.

KFTC members are opposed to the new coal burner for many reasons. We are calling on the PSC to revoke the “certificate of need” for two key reasons.

1.) NOT CONVENIENT: The price of coal-generated electricity has gone up dramatically. The price of other sources of electricity, including renewable and energy efficiency, make it clear that this plant is the wrong choice from the point of view of keeping bills affordable for co-op customers.

2.) NOT NECESSARY: Energy demand is down making this coal plant unnecessary. Demand for energy has decreased dramatically over the past year and will likely be significantly lower than EKPC’s forecasts for the future. This coal plant is not needed.

The Attorney General frequently weighs in on utility cases before the PSC on behalf of ratepayers. Because this new coal plant is not the least-cost option the Attorney General should help protect co-op customers in this case by supporting our petition. Contact Conway and ask him to “join and support our petition to revoke EKPCs certificate for the power plant.

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Protect KY's Rural Electric Co-op Ratepayers

Dear Attorney General Conway,

Please support Kentucky ratepayers by joining and supporting a petition filed on October 29th by Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, Sierra Club, Kentucky Environmental Foundation and several other individuals with the Kentucky Public Service Commission.

The petition calls on the agency to halt the construction of an expensive, risky, and unnecessary coal burning power plant sought by East Kentucky Power Cooperative.

This plant poses an unacceptable and avoidable risk to ratepayers.

We urge you to stand on the side of consumers by calling on the PSC to review and revoke EKPC’s “Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity” for their proposed Smith plant. There is nothing convenient or necessary about this plant.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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